60 / 7D
epoxy resin and screenprint on c- print photo25x30 cm/ 30x30 cm

60 / 7D, is a superposition of places that represent change and movement.

A shift that many of us are pushed to make: by choice or by obligation or due to changing opportunities or perspectives.

In the end, you find yourself in another city or in another nation where you have to learn how to navigate a new reality.

How? Adaptation and integration are the keywords usually being tossed around.

The process of adapting to something that does not belong to you is especcially hard for those that don’t have a choice: they must adapt to prove that they are worthy of occupying their place in the new reality. Still, many will never fully be "accepted".

A screen of experiences and memories is projected on the landscape and surrounded by a structure that limps, that seems to adapt but that instead remains suspended.