C- print and acetate, 40x50 cm each.


   Dalla nebbia nasce cosa is thought of as a game, which consists in wanting to understand what can come from peripheral places never taken into consideration as anything more than as dormitory areas.

From these "residues" instead of concrete situations of exchange can arise, intertwining of experiences, even if sometimes everything is hidden by a thick fog.

The work is a reaction, through it the landscape is distorted and freed from its predetermined role. A “visual scaffolding" is built over images, but it is never fixed, which allows us to focus our gaze on the image and not let it escape.

Our generation is a victim of the "already done" and of the "impossible to change", we must start to believe in the strength of ideas.

       C- print photo and acetate, 40x50 each.


   These two images takes up the same idea as in the previous series, in this case however, the scaffolding has been built starting from the memories and experiences linked to these two places. While the photos were taken in places that are in reality located in diametrically opposite environments, there is a common thread that links these images: hope, and failure, watching and not being able to see.