We imagine our reality against the landscapes of daily life but how do we experience this reality? Are we being made in to experience it in a certain, predetermined way?

In cities, space is designed to be looked at but never totally experienced: only parts are meant to be lived in while the rest is made for consumption or for quickly moving through it. The starting point of my work is therefore to change this status quo. I start with collecting images and then I intervene on them: spaces are freed from imposed architectures and reconnected through imaginary ties. I use lines and odd angles to disrupt places and underline the possibility of change: the images are traversed by 'visual scaffoldings' that break up reality, suggesting to the viewer to look better/inside.

My work then is about inserting doubt, the pleasure of doubt into images that portray areas with a fixed use and transit zones that invite us not to stay. With a little doubt instead, nothing belongs to anyone and everything is open to possibility.

Valerio Cerasani lives and works in Berlin. Born in Gallarate (IT) in 1990.

Exhibitions & Prizes

_ Rea! Art Fair, Fabbrica del vapore, Milano (IT)


_ “Life is a luminous halo” | AGA LAB Online exhibition #5


_ Exhibition with Maarten Schuurman, “Soft Opacities”, At De Bouwput Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)


_ Group exhibition " Kunst in der Fabrik", Oberbruch, (DE)

_ Group exhibition " Sospensioni, dialoghi sul filo dell'incertezza" curated by Andrea Grotteschi at VAG gallery, Intra (IT)


_ Finalist of the 10th edition of "Premio Nocivelli", Verolanuova (IT)


_ Group exhibition "Sor'riso amaro", Novara (IT)

_ Exhibition "Desire Lines" at Atelier Incentive arts, Leipzig (DE)


_ Group exhibition during the event "Studi aperti", Ameno (IT)


_ Group exhibition "Ex officine creative", Barasso (IT)

_ Group exhibition "Lost in Vanverville", Verbania (IT)



_ Artist in Residence at Aga Lab, Amsterdam (NL)



_ MA in painting, Fine Arts Academy of Brera, Milan (IT)


_BA in painting, Fine Arts Academy of Brera, Milan (IT)