Screen print on silk mesh  50x70 cm

“Senza titolo/Untitled" calls into question the issue of how a particular place affects those who live there.
"Untitled" because these inhabited spaces are often unmarked, non-descriptive like the periphereal district of Amsterdam where the photo, from which this work originated, was taken.    

My research investigates unrecognizable places that each of us can find in any city, and in which we try to create our own urban habitat. For younger generations, this habitat is never stable since the search for a place that can be called home is  becoming increasingly difficult: we move to find work, to escape from something and to reach a life that can be defined, at least, decent.

The image is made up of several parts of the same building, broken down and sliding, that try to communicate with each other and with an overlapping linear structure.

This structure is a primary form, seemingly wanting to highlight a square frame: inside however, it’s empty and moving our gaze further down we can also see that the foundations that are not stable. It is an uncertain structure, and yet even as it remains suspended it does offer us a foothold, something familiar: the possibility of a home.