C-print photo, 8 pieces,
                                20x 30 cm each.

   Through a screen that also acts as a filter, as if it were an optical machine, I capture the image to slow down the vision. The optical machine, made in a rudimentary way with a plexiglass panel on which I went to print with a transparent silk-screen color, makes it possible to center the "picture" both materially and conceptually.

Investigating these images, by capturing them through the photographic medium, is not meant to be an appropriation, as in theory the photographic act is. Instead, thanks to this particular technique, the image remains in the background while the gaze of the viewer lingers in the central area of ‘nothingness’.

For these reasons the process of constructing my work is a sort of cancellation of the image, in response to the excessive clarity, definition, and accessibility that characterize the blur of images that are constantly available to us.