Through the Bibliothek

(searching for Matta-Clark)

Screen print and acrilic on canvas, 60x80 cm


 This work, like many begins with a place that was part of my everyday life: the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek in Leipzig located a few steps away from my former workshop.
The library is a monolithic construction, which strongly characterizes its surroundings.
I felt a type of challenge: between me and this building that I wanted to dissect, divide, split it open.

Instead, I multiplied it in several sections: by printing it the building loses its weight, allowing itself to be modeled in a sequence that could multiply it towards the infinite. The idea of sectioning it is intended as a citation of Gordon Matta-Clark’s  'cuts' that had strong political value. The 'splitting' in my case wants to touch the outside, opening the possibility of modeling the landscape outside of the space of the image.